The New York Times:  A Dying Banker’s Last Instructions, By Ron Lieber. Gordon Murray, a Wall Street veteran, has brain cancer and a desire to show people a better way to invest.

Yogi Berra, while sitting down at a pizza restaurant, was reported to have said, "You better make it four slices. I don't think I could eat eight." Replace "pizza" with "asset allocation pie chart" and we think Yogi was actually on to something. Ask any investor to think about asset allocation, and pictures of pie … Continue reading

When I was an undergraduate student at Marquette University, the one common condition my friends and I shared was that we had no money. Mark was the exception. He had a lot of money. He had a new Mustang, a great stereo, and lived off campus in a new high rise apartment building.  He seemed … Continue reading

"Buy term and invest the difference." "Paying for term insurance is like throwing your money out the window." "Whole life insurance is a great 'investment'" "Whole life insurance is like throwing your money down a hole." How many of these statements have you heard, believed, or misunderstood? This article is not meant to uncover all … Continue reading