Last December, President Obama and Congress acted. They did not let taxpayers face a situation where there was no federal estate tax in December, but there would be a federal estate tax on January 1st with an exclusion of only $1,000,000 and a tax rate of 55%. If that had happened, we might have been … Continue reading

Too often, the shareholders of businesses wait until they are ready to sell their business to start planning for an exit. However, a lack of planning today may cause you to lose value when you ultimately are ready to go sip margaritas on the beach. Here are six best practices to follow before you want … Continue reading

Sir Isaac Newton once said, "I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people." During the 20th century, behavioral economics emerged as an area of study that attempted to understand how social, cognitive and emotional factors affect economic decisions. The purpose of this article is to make readers aware of … Continue reading

What's New About a "New Normal"? The concept of a new normal is anything but new. In fact, throughout modern history, periods of economic upheaval and market volatility have led people to assume that life had somehow changed and that new economic rules or an expanding government would limit growth. What they could not see … Continue reading