Giving Back Giving back to the community in which we work and live holds importance to us. Adam Drake's volunteer work at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) Alumni Association is admirable and noteworthy. Highland Investment Advisors’ Giving Back: Adam Drake’s Alumni Spirit Runs Deep can be viewed by clicking here. -or- Access the … Continue reading

What’s the Password? By: Al Young I recently probated the estate of a young man who died unexpectedly. John was tech-savvy, paid all of his bills online, and received all of his bank statements and investment account statements electronically. The problem was that no one knew his user names or passwords. Highland Investment Advisors’ What’s … Continue reading

Business Succession Planning for Family Businesses The reality is that there is no entrepreneurship gene that is passed down from generation to generation. While any given entrepreneur may have the skills, experience and passion required to make his business successful, there is no guarantee that his heirs will have what it takes, let alone the … Continue reading

Financial News vs. Financial Noise By ignoring overheated headlines, passive investors can ride out bumps in the market that more reactionary investors get stuck in. Highland Investment Advisors’ Financial News vs. Financial Noise can be viewed by clicking here. -or- Access the entire Highland Columns Volume 2, Issue 2 by clicking here.

The Biggest Fund Company You Have Never Heard Of One mutual fund company rose to the top of nearly 700 companies nationwide last year. For Highland clients, the company's name is a familiar one. For most other investors, it is one of the largest mutual fund complexes nobody has heard of. Highland Investment Advisors’ The … Continue reading

Despite weaker than expected economic data in the US and Europe's sovereign-debt crisis, equity markets around the world were little changed in the second quarter. Highland Investment Advisors' 2Q11 Investment Review can be viewed by clicking here.