The Seven Roles of an Advisor. What is a financial advisor for? One view is that advisors have unique insights into market direction that give their clients an advantage. But of the many roles a professional advisor should play, soothsayer is not one of them. Read More.

We've posted a new video from PBS Frontline and encourage you to take a look. "The retirement gamble, the retirement crisis." American’s entrust trillions to financial service providers, but is the system working? Will your IRA or 401(K) accounts ensure a safe retirement? View the video HERE.

Financial News vs. Financial Noise By ignoring overheated headlines, passive investors can ride out bumps in the market that more reactionary investors get stuck in. Highland Investment Advisors’ Financial News vs. Financial Noise can be viewed by clicking here. -or- Access the entire Highland Columns Volume 2, Issue 2 by clicking here.

The Biggest Fund Company You Have Never Heard Of One mutual fund company rose to the top of nearly 700 companies nationwide last year. For Highland clients, the company's name is a familiar one. For most other investors, it is one of the largest mutual fund complexes nobody has heard of. Highland Investment Advisors’ The … Continue reading

Yogi Berra, while sitting down at a pizza restaurant, was reported to have said, "You better make it four slices. I don't think I could eat eight." Replace "pizza" with "asset allocation pie chart" and we think Yogi was actually on to something. Ask any investor to think about asset allocation, and pictures of pie … Continue reading