Time the Market at Your Peril

Fourth quarter 2022David Booth, Executive Chairman and Founder, Dimensional Fund Advisors Technology enables immediate access to everything wherever and whenever we want it. In many cases, such as staying in touch with friends and family, or learning about world events, that’s a good thing. However, when it comes to investing and money management, my fear … Continue reading Time the Market at Your Peril

YOLO, Meme, and EMH: What’s Your Investment Style?

By: Marlena Lee, PhD, Global Head of Investment Solutions, Dimensional Fund Advisors  You only live once! Social media investors have banded together on unconventional platforms to drive up the prices of a handful of “meme stocks,” seemingly without traditional evaluation of investing risks and rewards. They made headlines with their “short squeeze” of GameStop (GME), … Continue reading YOLO, Meme, and EMH: What’s Your Investment Style?

Investment Management

Our Core Beliefs About Investing Diversify Globally. We believe diversification among and within asset classes in order to manage risk is prudent. Successful investing means not only capturing risks that generate expected return but reducing risks that do not. Avoidable risks include holding too few securities, betting on countries or industries, following market predictions, and … Continue reading Investment Management