Financial News vs. Financial Noise By ignoring overheated headlines, passive investors can ride out bumps in the market that more reactionary investors get stuck in. Highland Investment Advisors’ Financial News vs. Financial Noise can be viewed by clicking here. -or- Access the entire Highland Columns Volume 2, Issue 2 by clicking here.

The Biggest Fund Company You Have Never Heard Of One mutual fund company rose to the top of nearly 700 companies nationwide last year. For Highland clients, the company's name is a familiar one. For most other investors, it is one of the largest mutual fund complexes nobody has heard of. Highland Investment Advisors’ The … Continue reading

Sir Isaac Newton once said, "I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people." During the 20th century, behavioral economics emerged as an area of study that attempted to understand how social, cognitive and emotional factors affect economic decisions. The purpose of this article is to make readers aware of … Continue reading

What's New About a "New Normal"? The concept of a new normal is anything but new. In fact, throughout modern history, periods of economic upheaval and market volatility have led people to assume that life had somehow changed and that new economic rules or an expanding government would limit growth. What they could not see … Continue reading

Be it resolved. While people commonly make New Year's resolutions to eat less, exercise more, and make other lifestyle changes for improved health, some investors also might consider forming new financial habits to improve their long-term wealth. Brad Steiman proposes ten investment resolutions for 2011. Click here for the full article.

The New York Times:  A Dying Banker’s Last Instructions, By Ron Lieber. Gordon Murray, a Wall Street veteran, has brain cancer and a desire to show people a better way to invest.