With more than two decades of experience in the investment management and financial planning profession, Mr. Dignan brings a wealth of knowledge that provide him an understanding into the challenges that so many of today’s advisors face. Having owned and successfully transitioned two different investment firms, one a FINRA-registered OSJ Broker/Dealer office and the other a fully independent SEC-registered Investment Advisory practice, he has experienced and lived the challenges and benefits that go with both.

In January of 2009, Mr. Dignan founded CedarPoint Investment Advisors, after spending nearly five years developing his own fee-based business through his Broker/Dealer at the time. While making this transition provided him the opportunity to always put his clients’ interests first, it also was a great learning experience into the logistical and practice management challenges that go hand-in-glove with running a world-class firm. When presented with the opportunity to reunite with Mr. Karr and Mr. Drake in an effort to make this same opportunity available to other advisors who want to focus solely on their clients’ best interests, it was simply too attractive to pass up.